Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hiking in Hsinchu

After last night's erhu concert, I headed back with Lucy, Hatuyen to their city of Hsinchu. We made it a hiking day and headed up their local mountain. It's known to have a few spiders that hang above the path. They're supposed to be about palm sized and difficult to see at night. So walking the trails at night means you'll run into them face first. Which is why I won't walk in the front and won't walk there at night! Oh and snakes and bees are abundant there too. Hatuyen is as deadly scared of snakes as I am of spiders. Never the less, it was a well paved path, easy slope, plently of colorful foliage and people. Afterward, we joined my relatives in Hsinchu for an impromptu italian lunch. Relatives everywhere, yay! This restaurant was supposedly one of the best italian restaurants in Hsinchu. It's too bad I had a study group at 5pm that evening, otherwise I could have stayed and enjoyed the city much longer. I'll definitly be coming back to visit on a weekend I can plan ahead and clear. Next week on the 2nd of OCtober though, I'll be heading to Kaoshiung on the Taiwan High Speed Rail with the same group. The entire weekend of fun!

In this picture, at the park (i don't know the park name): Lucy, Hatuyen, Tiffany, Amanda

Step 1: In case of emergency break windows
Step 2: Vandalism will be prosecuted by law Wait..What!? Is this a trick?

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