Thursday, September 2, 2010

Escape from plumber island

Today I had to fix the plumbing in the condo again. Everytime I used the washing machine it would overflow the drains and flood out muddy/soapy water. It kinda left the floors a mess, so before taking on that daunting task, I decided to escape from this disaster for at least 1 hour and get some lunch.

My relative, Hong-Mei and her son, Bob, brought me out to an old food court in a small mall next to Takashimaya. It's called Shi Dong Market. The history according to Bob is, the market used to be outdoors, but now they built a roof over it and that's how it stayed. The first floor is the traditional market and the second floor has two food court "wings". This is where I had some stinky tofu wonton. I think it's the steamed kind, mixed with some mala sauce and peas. Soo good! This is a must try when looking for food around Takashimaya and you don't want to pay department store food prices.

To round out the evening, I headed back to the Shilin night market to try out the curry bbq chicken (咖哩雞) wrapped in roti. It's pretty good, but not amazing. Perhaps the curry chicken is the wrong flavor. However they do redeam themselves with the dough tossing show. The guy out front tosses the roti dough about 20 feet into the air and catches it, much like they do for shows in a pizzeria. I was feeling a bit warm, so I decided to finish with something ice cold. I leave you with a photo of my strawberry, Kiwi, Mango bao bing (刨冰) dessert.


  1. It looks like you are liking the various kinds of stinky tofu.

  2. Are you getting sick of stinky tofu yet?

  3. Am I getting sick of sticky tofu? HECK NO!