Friday, September 3, 2010

Orientation day for MTC and Ximending

Today was my orientation day for new students at the NTNU MTC. All they talked about was how the classes were strucutred and what/where to join supplimentary classes. As much as i'd like to join, the intensive classes are described as high load. Perhaps next semester i'll drop down to a normal class and elect for a supplimentary. After the orientation, they gave us our class schedules and books. There was ALOT of caucasians, about 90%. I feel like i'm back in high school in the midwest haha.

Around 7:30, I headed to Ximending for dinner. Street food mainly. But I was there to walk around and explore. There's an indian restaurant there (don't remember where it is). Modern Toilet (heading straight from entrance, left at the starbucks, head down lane 114). Cheese Steak place (first intersection, take a left, down to KunMing st.). old building with lots of grafiti (next to VIE cinema, west of KunMing st.), a strip of food stalls off the beaten path, the shaved ice store with all the signatures on the wall (easy, straight ahead). I discovered alot of nice restaurants bordering ximending. Ximending is also still confusing to navigate to me. Maybe after a few more visits I'll get the hang of it.

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