Monday, September 20, 2010

Taiwanese sausage wrap

Today was another droopy day in Taipei. After the typhoon, there was alot of cleanup to do. On the way to class, there are alot of giant leaves (palm leaves, bamboo leaves leaves?) gathered up on the side of the road. So the rain persists making it a dark, droopy walk back home. On the train ride back, I remember that I haven't taken a picture of the Taiwanese small sausage wrapped by big sausage (大腸包小腸). I stopped by the Shilin market to buy some dinner to take home. I couldn't decide what else to get though. steak, oyster noodles, stinky tofu, stuffed chicken, okonomiyaki. So at the last stall, out of indecision, I took home a bowl of mala stinky tofu. It's different than the one I got from the Shipai market. It doesn't have the small black dots in the tofu. Speaking of tofu, as soon as I get home I turned on the TV so I can watch something while eating my dinner. Just my luck, they're having an Initial D marathon. Score!! Next time, for something new, I'll try some Ba-wan (肉圓) or coffin bread (棺材板) or okonomiyaki. You guys will love the coffin bread. Think curry chicken stuffed in a deep fried french bread coffin.


  1. How did tofu remind you of Initial D on TV? What is Initial D anyway?

  2. Because Initial D is about a ex-racecar driver's son, delivering tofu up and down a mountain for his father's Tofu shop business.