Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tonghua night market

Tonight, I visited Tonghua night market. I do have to say, it doesn't have the same class of traffic the higher end night markets have. So it won't compare to Ximending, Shilin or 101. But there are several clothing venders, and I suspect a better deal there. Food wise, I didn't find anything too unique. But I did find Taiwanese crepe or runbing (潤餅). I'll try it out next time. By 1pm the market started to thin out. Perhaps because it doesn't attract as many younger people as the other markets. Passing by Shilin on my way back on the MRT Beitou Line, Shilin was still rockin' and packed. My neice, Lucy, will be visitin tomorrow so I'm catching an early shuteye. I leave you with a shot of beef noodle soup with the soup seperate (牛肉麵). I visited this restaurant a while back but I don't know how to get back there nor do I remember the name. Don't lick the screen!


  1. Is the niu rou mien from that place that dad liked to take us to when we were little? All I remember is that it was up on the second floor, and all they served was niu rou mien. Yum...

  2. No it is not. I have not found my favorite place yet. I do not remember the place Dad brought us to. Can you ask where it is so I can visit it?