Friday, April 29, 2011

1885 Burger

Yesterday I was out looking for 1885 Burger and was unable to find this fabled burger joint. So I rechecked the google maps and finally found this new burger establishment near Shida night market today after school. From what I hear, there's been several burger joints popping up around Taipei in the past few years. All competing for the best burger in town. 1885 is one of them. Hidden away in a small corner off Heping road, is a decent sized restaurant with a big obvious banner saying "1885 Burger". When Yuki and I got there, there was a line outside and a 30 minute wait. But they called us in after only 10 minutes. I ordered a blue cheese burger. The patties were small, but seem to be genuinely hand-packed as it didn't have a hockeypuck shape and sized differed between each burger. They have daily specials and the atmosphere was very rustic. The only two negatives i have to point out is the patty size and the blue cheese was runny and not thick and clumpy like it should be. But the taste was all there! I still think Allen&Dickenson's has it beat by a very small margin. The fries at 1885 are excellent too. Each burger comes with fries in a tin bucket. The majority of the burgers run from $180-230 ($40 extra for unlimited refill drinks). Overall an enjoyable experience. I forgot to check if they have beer. You need a beer with your burger if it's a friday night! To the next burger joint!

No. 24之1號, PǔChéng Street, Daan District
Taipei City, Taiwan


  1. Hi

    TW has a number of burger joints, not talking about McDonald's or Burger King.

    Have U checked out Kitchen 66 near NTU main gate entrance in the back alleyway?

    Thanks for the foodie tips...

    Burger Lover

  2. Kitchen 66 eh? I'll have to try that one out. I'll report back. Thanks.

  3. Ladies and gents
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    Trust me .“Kitchen 66” the best burger in TW!
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