Friday, April 1, 2011

Taipei International Flower Expo 2010

So today, after some very long procrastinating, I finally went to the 2010 Taipei International Flower Expo finally. It officially closes it's doors on 4/25. It was really big with lots of attractions to see. Of course, there were lots of flowers as well as massive crowds. It's been like that for the past several months, every day of the week. The flowers were interesting, to a certain degree. There were fields upon fields of exotic colorful flowers arranged into artistic rows. Beautiful, but I really have no interest. We saw almost everything, but missed the Dream Experience, story house and the building made out of recycled bottles. You needed line up for tickets and wait in line for these. We got a ticket when we got there in the morning, but it was for the 7pm show (at the earliest). If it hadn't been so cheap ($150 MRT card discount), I would have probably enjoyed it less. Actually, I do remember one part that I do like. The food court. Haha, alway food with me. They had a main food court as well as a smaller one in the back of the expo. They have a large variety to choose from, from Italian, Taiwanese, Chinese, Hakka, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, etc. I had some Hakka sticky rice :). Afterwards and later into the night, we joined my old classmates Fabien (second semester) and Florian (First semester) for a few drinks at the Ximen Red House bars. Good day and I hope Yuki enjoyed the Flower Expo more than I did. I also hope I didn't get any sun burn. I hate sun burns. 'Till later!

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