Monday, April 25, 2011

Roahe teppanyaki

After school, Yuki and I went exploring for a restaurant called 1885 Burger. We couldn't find it, but discovered a very unique residence. You never know what you'll discover when you walk around amiable in and out of the Taipei alleyways. At first we thought it was a restaurant, but it was just someone's house that he decorated with random objects that he/she collected. But, since we didn't 1885, we headed back to Raohe night market and WuFenBu clothing warehouse district. We shopped around and I picked up a new shirt. However I was still unsuccessful in finding a decent khaki pants. For dinner we ate a little street food or xiaochi (小吃). I had some "black pig" sausage (黑豬大腸). It's at a small cart stand at the end of the night market alley. You'll see the lines. It was very sweet and tasty for a sausage. I don't recall seeing that at any other market, so I'd recommend that one. $30 NT. I also found one of my favorites from LeHua night market in YongHe. Grilled lamb shish kabob. Although this one is slightly smaller in portions, it's significally cheaper and has the same great taste. Only $15NT each. If I remember correctly, LeHua's was around $50 NT. So just buy three of them from Roahe and you'll get twice as much as LeHua's and still be cheaper. I think i'll just return with $100 NT and make a dinner out of that! haha. Alas we didn't, and ended up in a nice Teppanyaki restaurant. I ordered lamb…obviously. She ordered beef. No, the meal didn't come with a show of onion volcanos, buddha mugs and flipping food into chef hats. I never really cared for that Bennihana show nor the hefty price tag that came with it. Yuki and I had a great meal with free soda, free soup and a very filling teppanyaki meal for $150 NT each. So with a full belly, a new article of clothing and an empty wallet, we headed home to our awaiting homework :(.

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