Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thai Town and Cat Cafe

Lucy and Grace decided to stay over night in Taipei. So after a nice long morning (read slept-in), we hunted for lunch...something local in Tian Mu(天母). We ended up at Thai Town, just about 10 minutes walk from my home. Same great taste, same great decor and same price as the one in Kaohsiung. What'd you expect, it's a chain store. I do love their Thai pancakes and fried chicken. Papaya salad is very refreshing too. Some of my GoTo staples at Thai Town. After lunch, I introduced Lucy to Minimal Cafe aka Cat Cafe at ShiDa night market (師大夜市). We took it leisurely, petted some cats and took some pictures. Besides the one cat sleeping on the chair next to Lucy throwing a fit, I think Lucy enjoyed it. Afterwards, we headed over to my cousin, Yoh-Yi's place to cook indian food in appreciation for helping me so much here in Taiwan. It's my Appreciation dinner. It's really a challenge cooking in a foreign kitchen, on top of that, there are some ingredients that are difficult to find in Taiwan. Like hard yogurt instead of liquid yogurt. It made the butter chicken sauce a little too soupy. But it was definitely fun and spicy. I hope it wasn't too spicy for them, since the Taiwanese palette really isn't used to that level of spiciness. Next time I'll choose something lighter and less spicy. :)

Ceiling Cat spyz you!

Chair Cat haz tail

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