Sunday, April 24, 2011

Surprise! DiHua street (迪化街)

Today we went to go to DiHua Jie (迪化街). It's 15 minutes walking distance from the Shuanglian station, towards the coast. Along the coast the city provides a means to rent bicycles to ride along the river. The cost is really really cheap. It ended up being $120NT for 2 people and 2 hours, and you get a free bottle of water for each rider. The Taiwanese government really takes care of it's citizens. I believe that price to be the most expensive too. So it'll probably be a lot cheaper during a weekday or off-peak time. When we went there, we had to wait in line for about 5 minutes for people to return bikes. It was very busy, but the bike ride was awesome! The view from the river was beautiful (especially during sunset) and the bike path is very long. It stretches on for kilometers. You can ride a marathon if you want. There is also food stalls next to the rental booths. It's Taiwan, you can't escape the food stalls! In case you don't want street food, there's always plenty of restaurants along DiHua street on your way back to the Shuanglian MRT. And if you happen to be walking back after sunset like us, you'll bump into and discover another night market. It's called NingXia night market (寧夏夜市). We were't expecting a night market to surprise us like that, so we took a quick stroll into the thick of it. Size…about 2-3 blocks. Food…ok. We didn't see anything unique to this market that we haven't seen at other markets, but we browsed through rather quickly. It's still a worthy night market to revisit. Sometimes visiting the same market over and over gets boring, at least a change in scenery is welcomed. Yuki wasn't feeling good, so we called it an early night. In the picture, I have no idea when or where I ate this, but it's dated the 24th. LOL.

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