Saturday, April 23, 2011

Takashi Murakami exhibit

Yuki introduced me to an art gallery that was happening at Taipei main station. It's was in a small exhibition center next to the Z10 exit, so not really IN the main station, but in a similar underground area next door. I don't remember how she got wind of this exhibition but it turned out to be pretty cool. One of the exhibits were of famed Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. He is most famous for his "superflat" artwork. In another exhibition next door, it exhibited digital media art. The more memorable exhibits is a CG animation of an ancient japanese pictorial scroll. You know, those long chinese painted scrolls that usually depict a certain event in time. Well imagine that animated into a 5 minute movie. The second was a large black room projecting a 180 degree view of a CG sea. The waves gradually grow larger and higher as the environmental music (i don't know what to call it, more like an oscillating tone). The overall feeling was an electrifying tension with the waves. All the exhibits were free of charge. Thats just so cool. I'm still used to american culture trying to charge you whenever, wherever possible. I thoroughly enjoyed the digital art as well as some of the cute creative japanese art of Takashi Murakami. Click here,Google, to see more of his work.

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