Saturday, April 30, 2011

Swimming competition

Today I woke up really really early, 6:00 AM early. All to watch my friend at his swimming competition at NTU campus. He did very very well. 1:11 for a 100M breast stroke. He's a very good swimmer, near olympic levels. He obliterated the competition. It was fun watching him and the competition. My first competition in chinese. A few of my old classmates also came to cheer him on too. It was great! Afterwards I went to the Taida cafeteria. It's very nice and cheap. Comfortable, open atmosphere and a nice selection of food. About 4 food stalls (like a food court) and 1 buffet counter. Food runs about $35-55. So it's priced really really cheap for students. You'll see a lot of older adults there too. Taking advantage of a cheap meal and saving the money for a rainy day. Beats the student cafeteria at Shida :(

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