Sunday, May 1, 2011

Citystar 24hr HK style restaurant

Today, I went with Yuki to eat at the Citystar 24 hour Dim Sum near the ZhongXiao DunHua MRT station exit. I've had friends recommend this place, because it was the only 24hour Dim Sum place in Taiwan. Nobody said anything of the taste. Now I know why. It wasn't very authentic. Although it was very crowded. I think the taiwanese don't know what authentic HK dim sum is. Although they live so close to HK and the place tickets are so cheap, an american knows more about what dim sum should really be like. From what I hear, there really isn't any quality dim sum in Taipei. Maybe taiwanese don't know what good dim sum is or there isn't really a demand for quality dim sum or thats just how they like it. Either way i'll continue to search for quality Dim Sum in Taipei or just fly to Hong Kong...

No. 92號, Section 1, NánJīng East Road, Jhongshan District
Taipei City, Taiwan

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