Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tsuke men at 樂麵屋

After class, during some further exploring around YongKang street(永康街), Yuki and I discovered an interesting ramen restaurant. It doesn't have an english name, so here's the pingyin, Lemianwu (樂麵屋). They offered a dry ramen that is getting very popular in Japan these days. Tsuke men. So she was surprised to see it in Taiwan. It's the same as ramen, but minus the soup. They also cover it in a spicy fish egg type sauce called mingtaizi (明太子). It was different and something I have never tried before, so why not!? turned out to be very very tasty. It's just a mild spicy and it really makes it much more flavorful as Yuki said. Instead of the soup overpowering everything, the individual flavors come out so it's a completely different ramen experience. I like it better this way and this is now my new favorite Ramen style! You can choose between two flavors, noodle thickness and spiciness. Customizable and yummy! Definitely want to return for seconds.

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