Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Milano Indonesian cuisine (closed)

Recalling back a few weeks ago, while exploring the Shida side streets, Yuki and I found an indonesian restaurant called Milano. Kind of an odd italian sounding name for an Indonesian restaurant. Anyways...So today after class, we were feeling for some Indonesian. It turns out to be a nice little place with a patio and a spacious interior. It looked nice from the outside, but we never made it in. We immediately grabbed a table outside. The patio looks very tropical with bamboo lamps, wicker chairs and stone sculptures. It would have felt like being in Bali if it weren't for the mopeds riding by and chinese speaking pedestrians haha. There wasn't a lot of business, but we tend to eat dinner early around 6pm. The only other customers outside were possible Thai/Indonesian judging from their language. I ordered the Beef Rendang and Yuki, the Mie Goreng. The Beef Rendang was really good. Tender with a nice spicy kick. It comes with a bowl of long grain white rice. I tried Yuki's Mie Goreng too and it was pretty appetizing also. But I tend to lean towards more intense flavors, so I really liked my Beef Rendang. They serve individual meals from $180-$230. Set meals that include a drink and a very very small desert from $205-$280. I chose the set meal and it cost me $205. Wonderful place in a hidden location away from the bustle of Shida night market. For the price, the portions were a little on small side. So I wouldn't mind a return, but I'd rather find a place with larger portions.

Milano Indonesian Cuisine (2 locations)
No. 33號, ZhènXìng Street, Beitou District
Taipei City, Taiwan

No. 11之1號, PǔChéng Street, Daan District
Taipei City, Taiwan

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