Tuesday, May 3, 2011

YongKang street vietnamese noodles

After class Yuki and I headed to Yong Kang Jie because we've just about gone to Shida night market every night. We needed to give it a rest. So we did the best thing you can do in Taipei…walk and explore! Taipei is so full of exciting new restaurants and discoveries around every corner and alley way. So walking around the Yong Kang Jie(永康街), we discovered a very tiny Vietnamese food stall. It has seating inside, but it's very cramped. About 10 people inside and 4 people outside. But the cook/owner seemed genuinely Vietnamese, so it got extra interest points there. Their menu mainly consists of noodles. Basically 6 types of curry noodles and 6 types of spicy lemongrass noodles. Sounds unauthentic, but i'm sure my english translation and the chinese description isn't doing it justice. The spicy (mala, 麻辣) flavor seems like Tom Yum soup. I thought Tom Yum was Thai, but I'm not entirely familiar with the difference between the two ethic styles. Prices are pretty much around $100 for all 12 types. The taste, excellent! I love this place because it's distinct enough to separate itself from anything I can get at Shida night market(師大夜市). The store is very humble and small. The flavors are very very bright as typical with Thai/Vietnamese food. And it really is a hole in the wall place. I need to get the address next time (as well as a picture), so I can share it with you. For dessert, we had a waffle and strawberry ice cream plate at a local store. Enjoy the picture of my curry vietnamese noodles. Oh and I have the address now, see below.

No. 5之5號, LìShuǐ Street, Daan District
Taipei City, Taiwan 106

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