Friday, May 6, 2011

Donburi in a bucket, 一捕鮮

On Wednesday, Yuki and I walked past a japanese restaurant (一捕鮮) in in the area across from the Shida night market on our way to the gym. They served Donburi in a curious wooden pail. So we took the opportunity to go in and check out the food today. The host was very very kind and friendly. Although there was a waiting line to get a table, we still only had to wait 5 minutes. Although the curious bucket turned out to just be a fancy serving dish gimmick, it still got us in the restaurant. The food still turned out to be damn good. Nothing spectacular, but definitely above average. I like the "wooden bucket" gimmick. The donburi comes in chicken, beef, pork, and seafood (there may be one more i'm missing). But it comes with two side dishes and unlimited drink refills. They're peach tea is sweet, in a good way. And I think Yuki's Katsu curry included unlimited fries. The side dishes however is what made the experience sparkle. They're very fancy and unique. One of mine was the pumpkin skin with passion fruit sauce. Wow! crunchy and sweet and I also love nibbling on the passion fruit seeds. I loved it. I'll take a jar of that home please. All this, for a odd price of $138. I don't remember how much the katsu curry was, but most dishes were under the $200 mark.

No. 1號, PǔChéng Street, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106 across from the Shida Night Market. (PS google map is way off)

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