Thursday, April 21, 2011


I went with Yuki and my language partner to a new restaurant that my language partner recommended to me. It's called Murano. It's near the DunHua station. The interior design is very beautiful. The owner must love tiffany stained glass because they decor is all stained glass and Tiffany lamps. Some I believe to be real and most probably fake. There was one lamp next to our table that had a price tag on it for $10,000 USD. And they still use it. Not often do you get have dinner lit by a $10,000 Tiffany lamp. The food was only OK. I had the curry beef over rice. But I tried some of Yuki's pasta, and it was better. So next time I should stick to their pastas. I did like my coffee though. It tasted very good and the creme/coffee mixture would cascade down the frosty glass and paint what seemed to me like NY city and the empire state building :) See the picture, i swear! The cost is relatively low, with a set menu of an appetizer, drink and dinner for $280. Individual meals run around $150-200. That night, there were very few customers, so I got to enjoy a quiet and comfortable atmosphere with elegant decor. Honestly it'd be a great place to sit down and study too. Drinks are affordable and it's quite comfortable with several couches and plush chairs. If I ever return, it'd be for the environment and decor, not the food. For you Tiffany fans, come and check out the Tiffany lamps and decor, you'll be pleased!

No. 38, Lane 51, Section 1, DàĀn Rd, Daan District
Taipei City, Taiwan

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