Sunday, March 27, 2011

Soon Dubu House

Excellent Soon Dubu anyone? Me, me me! Finally got a chance to head out to Dubu House ( in the Zhongsan station area. There are two floors and we had to put our name on the list. The wait was one hour but they called us after only 20 minutes. The interior design is warm, woody and soft. Browsing through the menu they have a lot of soon dubu dishes as expected. Of course if you want Bolgogi or Galbi, they have that too. But no Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap. It was kind of disappointing, but it is called the Dubu house, so it's fair they concentrate mostly on soon dubu. I ordered a medium spice and Yuki ordered no spice. Prices range from $260-280 NT. Not bad, it's even more expensive in the states. As usual to Korean dining, they offer banchan for free and refills too. It's the small portions of side dishes that go with the meal. You can only order soon dubu as a set meal. So that includes a drink (tea), desert, banchan and stone pot rice. The Soon dubu was excellent! It's the best i've had in Taipei so far and I don't feel the need to search anymore. I was ready to give up on decent dubu in Taipei and my previous experiences ended up with watered down broth. Granted I'm sure Dubu House may still have some taiwanese influence, but it's very delicious and not watered down. Until I go to Korea, I won't know. And the spice, spicy! medium hot (中辣)was damn spicy, next time i'll switch to mild (小辣). The wait staff was prompt and courteous and the business was busy throughout my dinner experience. So this is definitely a popular spot for Taiwanese people. There are two locations in the heart of Taipei city. I'll have to return for more with the coupon they gave me as we exited.

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