Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back to school, semester 3

Back to school with a new semester starting! My new teacher is very nice and understanding. Although I do prefer a younger more energetic teacher. Although she is very kind, it's still going to be a challenge as we continue into book 3. Also, I'm in a classroom full of girls. 5 japanese, 1 Korean and 1 Vietnamese. 6 of them have a really good comprehension of Chinese characters because they know the Japanese language. They also write extraordinarily fast since they're used to asian character strokes. It'll be a lot tougher than last semester to keep up with them. I feel I'm the slowest cog in the class. So I may be searching for a better classroom better suited to my needs.


  1. Why don't you stick with it? I believe this pressure might help you learn. LOL =)


  2. Thanks, I thought about it for a long long time. In the end, I switched to a classroom with a, rumored, very good teacher. It was better classmates, OK teacher vs. slower classmates, Great teacher. I sided with the slower classmates. It's not about the pressure (motivation if i read it correctly), its about which one can I get the most education out of. So i switched to the better teacher. If there's something I don't understand I can ask questions and sometimes non-japanese students will ask more questions that I may never thought of too. Japanese culture is to not ask questions, only after class personally with the teacher. This doesn't suit the collaborative educational environment as good. It's definitely wasn't an issue of "easier" path. Thanks for your input :)