Friday, March 25, 2011

Home cookin': Diced chicken with dried chilies

Today Yuki and I tried another recipe from the Taiwanese cookbook. Since I have a spicy tongue, I chose Diced Chicken with Dried Chilies. For our vegetables, we went back to our KongXingCai (空心菜). But this time we added some dried shredded scallop and "Taiwanese flavor" seasoning. It's the brown stuff on the top of the vegetables in the picture. Loved the chicken. I do enjoy my red meats, but I do love chicken too. It's healthier so I don't feel guilty about eating too much of it. Especially in easy to eat (lazy), boneless cubed breast meat versions :). The dish was great! Although the spiciness of the chilies did not integrate well with the dish. I blame the book. The recipe involves pan frying the chilies then removing them from the pan. The recipe never tells you when to put it back into the mix. So i'm guessing it doesn't have time to integrate with the chicken and sauce during the cooking process. We added it at the end because we were confused. It still turned out great though. I just had to nibble on pieces of the chili for eat bite of chicken. Yuki's not as much of a spicy food lover. Fine by me, gimme the spicy stuff!

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