Monday, March 21, 2011

Breaded & fried mushrooms at Shilin

The return to Shilin night market. Finally I got to return back to Shilin night market. It's been a long time since i've been there. Somewhere over a month. Some of the food booths have already changed. Just a few…majority are still the same. I did find some new foods I didn't know existed though. First, I finally found a semi-proper deep fried King Oyster Mushroom. It's along one of the food stands in the back on the main road (where the cars pass you by). It's definitely battered, but not as battered as what we found in Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung still beats this hands down. But at least this one is in Taipei and has breading, making it crispy golden brown delicious. Second, we found grilled scallops shish kabobs. The whole thing, not just the muscle portion. There were 8 flavors to choose from. The order took a while to make and it was expensive, considering. $40 for a kabob of 4. But it was delicious! I wish they gave more for my money, but I guess scallops are just plain expensive even on a fishing island. Yuki and I were also in search for fried giant squid arms. We had that in Kaohsiung and it was awesome. Little chopped bite size pieces of flavored chewy squid arms. I swear I saw it at one of the Taipei night markets, mainly Shilin. But alas we didn't find it. Perhaps Raohe has it. Well, I have tons of homework tonight, so back to it.

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