Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kaohsiung, day 2

I intended to wake up at 8:30am, but still ended up sleeping in until 10:30. Well thats my idea of sleeping in, heh. Once everyone was wakey wakey, we went to Cijin island (旗津) via ferry. Cost, a mere $15 ($12 with student rate). Once we got there, we were all hungry. So we headed to the seafood market (Fisherman's Wharf) which is just a short walk away. We ate lunch at one of the famous seafood restaurants along the street. Most of the restaurants just have a long shelf of ice lined with freshly caught fish and shellfish. You just pick what you want out front, then head in and seat yourself as they cook it for you. I added some deep fried oysters which happen to be the favorite of the table in my opinion :). Afterwards we rented 2 bikes and a 4 seater bike/car aka a flintstone-mobile LOL. We rode up and down the shore and ate some ice cream floats at a store next to the beach. We rented it the bikes for two hours, and before we knew it, it as time to turn back. So we headed back into town to return them. Afterwards we immediately went to a shaved ice place for some R&R and dessert. To our surprise, every shaved ice place was crowded as it was a hot day. Once we found a seat and enjoyed our snow ice, we headed back to the 85 building/condo to pick up our stuff and head to the bullet-train station (高鐵).

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