Sunday, March 13, 2011

YangMingSan (陽明山)

Yuki and I headed up to YangMingSan (陽明山) today to look at the flowers. We took a bus from the Shipai MRT station, which takes you straight to the site. Every year YangMingSan opens up around this time for the public to see the hundreds of trees in full bloom. There were so many colors of flowers everywhere, as well as people! There are also great hiking trails, waterfalls, scenery and food stalls. Other than during this flower festival, I think they're still open to visitors all year round. So it's a great place to hike. After coming back down the mountain, we wanted to try out a ginger chicken place near ShiPai. We thought it was the fried ginger chicken that we had up at Maokong (貓空), but it ended up being a ginger chicken hot pot more or less. It was still good, but a little on the expensive side. It's definitely a completely different flavor for hot pot, and would be better suited with a bunch of friends huddled around the table :). Next door, there was Cho MaMa (臭媽媽臭豆腐). It's a stinky tofu place. It smelled so good! It looks like a hole in the wall place, with an antique wooden interior that seems like it hasn't changed in 40 years. There were delicious smelling giant pots of mala tofu and possible other variations of tofu. They may even have that fried ginger chicken. I'll have to give it a try next time!

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