Saturday, March 19, 2011


Today I went to Kaohsiung with Yuki, Lucy and friends (Christine, Grace, Hatuyen). We got there around 12pm and immediately checked in and ate at a local Thai restaurant. It's called Thai Town. There are several in Taipei, but I never got the chance to eat there. Heard that it was good, and it was in fact pretty good. The thai chicken and these Thai pancakes were very Thai flavored! basically spicy, sweet, sour and lemongrassy flavored at the same time. I never seen these fried Thai pancakes before, except in Taiwan, so maybe it's a Taiwan/Thai fusion creation. Never the less, crispy and flavorful. The bill will run a little high, but overall very enjoyable. Afterwards we went to the Kaohsiung famous Dream Mall. It's the only large mall in Kaohsiung, but it's typical of any large mall in Taiwan. Large, lots of name brand stores, great architecture. Nice place to hang around, enjoy the A/C, and walk around. Shopping though, I can stay in Taipei and get it done. Fro Dinner we went to the local night market. RuiFeng Night Market (瑞豐夜市)! There was tons of unique food I have never seen in Taipei like battered and deep fried king oyster mushrooms, which I tried last time I was here. Still love them. But I was also introduced to Kaohsiungs version of the coffin bread, deep fried cheese dumplings, thai style boneless chicken steak, spicy fried boneless chicken on a stick, stuffed chicken legs, hot dog wrapped in bread wrapped in a chicken, HK style baked rice and last but not least, deep fried giant squid arms. The night market was so crowded it's like it has it's own health measure. If you eat too much and your too fat, you can't fit through the crowds to get food. Once you go on a diet, you'll be thin enough to fit through, just to get fat again. It's a vicious cycle haha! Word of help for other visitors, while there, they sell 2 day unlimited MRT passes for $230NT each. I also finally used up my last shot on the agfa 400 35mm roll so I can finally get it processed. Time to try out the Ilford Delta Pro 3200 roll. I also didn't bring my digital, so no photos :(.

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