Sunday, March 6, 2011


Yuki and I headed over to Xinbeitou (新北投) today to walk around and check out some of the hot springs. I wish we could soak in them today, but we just wanted to walk around and scope out which hotel offered the best deal. We plan to return back when we both have a job to pay for a getaway here. But for a day trip, it's definitely possible to get away with a cheap deal. $40 for a public hot spring all day long + train fare to and fro. Not bad! Of course it's a public place, so you'll have to bring your own towel, use a public shower to clean yourself and it'll probably be noisy with kids. Afterwards, while on the train, I contacted my parents to get together for dinner. We happen to both be on the same end of Taipei. So it was very convenient. I headed home and picked up my grandmother and met my parents at the restaurant in Tian Mu. It's called 興蓬萊 (Xìng pénglái). They have two signature dishes that are a must at this place. The crispy pork ribs (Pai Gu, 排骨)and a soupy/gumbo type dish in a white porcelain pot. They have pictures of both on the walls so it shouldn't be hard to ask for it. I really really enjoy the pork ribs. I'm a sucker for fried food. MMmmm crispy and delicious pork!

No. 165, Section 7, ZhōngShān North Rd, Shihlin District

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