Thursday, March 24, 2011

YongKang Jie antiques market

After class I had some business to take care of. First was to explore the YongKang Jie (永康街) antiques market. It's small and right behind the Shida MTC school campus. History has it that it was once a fish market. They carry/sell a lot of trinkets and sculptures, signs, posters, toys and jade. I have a friend who will be having a house warming in California that I cannot attend. So I'd like to find something unique and meaningful to Taiwan that can be used to adorn a wall or table. During my search, I also found a cache of old Eastman kodak folding cameras. Right next to it was a really cool Thomas Edison phonograph wax cylinder. It's the earliest form of recordable media dating to 1877. Basically it takes voice vibrations and echoes onto a rotating hard wax cylinder. After the antiques market, I had to drop off my first 35mm Agfa 400 color roll to the Shida Kodak developer. Lets hope they turn out well. I really want to find a good soft and saturated color film to use with the Leica. Thirdly, Yuki needed to buy a plane ticket back to the California. Yes, I'll be leaving end of May back to California. But only for a short bit, I'll be returning by April. Since this ticket business had to be done in Dingxi, afterwards we headed over to the Lehua night market (樂華夜市). This is the first time i've walked through here during business hours. So I got to see what they had to offer. Strolling through, nothing different than any other night market. Except for a few things. First off, they have a Hong Kong style stinky tofu (臭豆腐). It's much crispier than the Taiwanese style. And the tofu is has a hole in the middle kind of like a bowl, to hold the tofu juices. This makes this style much more crispy and moist. Maybe a little too crispy, as I prefer it a tad less crispy. Second, they have a specialty cart serving grilled lamb kabob's. They take their time cooking it, but it's sooo flavorful. Holy crap, I can eat a plateful of this! I love lamb, it's my favorite red meat. Last but not least, is Yuki's favorite ice cream dessert. It's three flavored ice cream scoops and shaved frozen peanut warped in a crepe. Maybe it's hard to imagine, but it's quite delightful. It's like a taiwanese peanut ice cream burrito. I wish I didn't have to travel all the way to YongLe for this, but maybe that a good thing. Unfortunately I did not bring my camera. So I'll have to snap pictures next time and update this entry.

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