Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home cookin': White chocolate

Today I experimented with some chocolate cooking today. I started with a simple double boiler and slowly mixed in chopped bits of white chocolate. I then dipped cleaned and dried strawberries in and rolled them around. Then pop them on a wax papered tray and into the fridge for 10 minutes. This was all for white day. Technically it was yesterday but Yuki was too busy studying for a test today. So today's our White Day. White day is the sister holiday of Valentine's day. So the men get the treated by the women. I think this is an asian culture thing only. But in Japan, it's the opposite. Valentine's day the women treat the men, then on white day the men return treatment to the women. Chinese culture lesson for the day :). Yuki, also did some chinese cooking of her own. She made KongXinCai, chicken rice and deep fried oysters (my favorite). Ever since DuXiaoYue (度小月), I've loved deep fried oysters with a salt pepper dip. Dinner was awesome and dessert was sweet! We had such a fun and memorable evening! Now to plan for next year. Ice cream chocolate lava fountain with philipino pit-roasted pig? MMmmmm!!

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