Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yi Mian at Shida night market

After class I tried out a Tainan Yi Mian restaurant on the street border of Shida night market. It's actually just past the front entrance (as in walk past). If you read my earlier posts, I had some in Tainan, and I'm wondering if I could get that similar taste up in Taipei. If you don't remember, follow my tag named "Yi Mian". Although it was not soup style (they don't offer that), they do offer the modified youth style. I heard the non-soup version is popular with the younger crowd. So the soupy version is more traditional. I still consider both to be very very good. The same ingredients and the same great cinnamon-y taste that I remember from Tainan. This Shida restaurant will definitely satisfy as my Tainan Yi Mian stand-in here in Taipei. I will return again and again as it was only $100 each and easily accessible after class.

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