Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Grandma Nitti's Kitchen

I went to dinner with a friend to Grandma Nitti's Kitchen in the Shida night market. It's on #8 Lane 93 Shida Rd. We were looking for some comfort food because we were both feeling a little under the weather. More so her than I. After all the hot weather we had during the Chinese new year break, today was cold and rainy. A lot of other students have caught a colds too. Anyways, back to the restaurant. The decor is pretty simple. Mostly white stucko walls with lots of sketch artwork. But the place was still pretty busy for 6pm. Looking at their menu, they have mexican, salads, pasta, hamburgers and pizza. Since my discovery that my favorite mexican food place (Taco Bar) decided to shut down, I haven't found a replacement. So I decided to try some of Grandma Nitti's Kitchen's enchilada. Oh wow! Soo good. Still probably not quite what you'd get in California, but for someone that hasn't tasted mexican food in months, THIS WAS GREAT! This motivates me to not only come back and try out their other dishes, but to have a tex-mex night at home. Prices are around $300-500. Website is www.grandmanittis.com.tw. Afterwards I noticed a cake shop across the street. It was called MySweetiePie Cake and Cafe. Their display counter had ALOT of delicious looking cakes. I was full and didn't feel like stuffing myself anymore. So i'll make a note to visit this place next time.

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