Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kaygetsu (Ximen)

Tonight I went with a friend to Ximending district. She had to do a interview with a cafe for her job. So while waiting in Starbucks I finished my homework. When she was finished, we walked around the area searching for dinner. I wanted to stop by the cheesesteak place to see how they cooked it. They have it all wrong! I shouldn't be surprised, but that's not how Philly cheesesteak is done! They're using toasted hot dog buns! And I don't think they're soaking the sliced meat in the broth. And they're using cheddar cheese. Sorry, but it must be Hoagie roll (preferable Amoroso) + sliced soaked in broth USA meat + Provolone! Some will argue Cheez Whiz, but I hear some Phillidelphians will allow provolone. So if it's OK by the originators, it's OK by me. As incorrect as this so called "cheesesteak" is, I'll still have to try it out in the future. After that farse, I was craving some Ramen. So I decided to try out Kaygetsu. Kaygetsu is right in the middle of the Ximen market mayhem. It's next to the ABC mart I think, but it's pretty much right in the middle of everything. I ordered their Spicey ramen. Despite their warnings, I can handle my spices. OMG, it was sooo good! This wouldn't be a traditional ramen, but it is damn tasty! The broth, the meat and the noodles were fantastic! And to verify the authenticity of the ramen, my japanese friend ordered some more traditional ramen… Thumbs up, it's pretty close to authentic taste! Hunger pains for ramen, try this joint out! Fat asian man signing out!

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