Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Le Leone Pasta restaurant

Tonight I ate at Le Leone pasta restaurant near zhongxiao dunhua tong lin plaza area. It's at DunHua South Road, section 1, lane 233, #57. Much to my surprise, looking through the menu, I noticed they had calzones. It occurs to me that through all the pizza and pasta shops i've seen in Taipei, not one had a calzone. So I had to order the calzone. It reminds me of my college days when it was first introduced to me. It's pretty much the only time I ate calzones too. Once I moved back home, I no longer ate calzones on a regular basis. Upon delivery of my pie, they slathered it in a tomato sauce. Not really the way I remember eating it. Although the meat was inside the calzone, i expect my sauce to be in there too. So I can pick it up with my hands and eat it, which I believe is the original way of eating a calzone. Either way it was pretty good and well as HUGE. It's bigger than my head. You can use my iPhone in the corner of the picture as a size comparison. I recommend some help with eating this one :). The pasta is pretty tasteful too. Typical Taipei italian, not exceptional, but still very tasty and each establishment has their own flare in flavor. The wait for my calzone did take a while, much longer than the pasta. And they only have one flavor option for the calzone. So next time, i'll probably just stick with the pasta.

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