Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ikki near Nanjing South MRT

Tonight I went to a very nice japanese restaurant, Ikki, with my family and Yuki near the Nanjing South MRT station. It's pretty dark inside with reflective black walls, ceiling, table and chairs. The walk way is illuminated from below with neon red lights. The restaurant gives off a very moody and secret atmosphere. I went for dinner and they only have two set menus. One $800, one $1250. The food was spectacular! With the exception of the fruit, which my Mom though was not that sweet, the set dishes were delicious. There was sashimi, rack of lamb, japanese version of carpaccio…etc. The waitress service was very very kind and attentive.They even asked us if we were full. If we weren't, they would provide extra food to fill our stomach up the rest of the way. Which I'm guessing would have been free of cost. Wow! This is an excellent place to bring the family for some nice dining, or a date if you have the finances to support it. I just can't justify it myself as a student right now. So Thank you Mom & Dad! BTW this is one of my Mom's favorite restaurants. She's been here three times. So tonight's entry, is my Mom's recommendation. Enjoy the delicious photos!

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