Monday, February 14, 2011

Taco night at home

Today, I decided to eat in and make it "Taco Night". So I visited my local TianMu (天每) American import place, Willie's Deli. Boy, is the final price tag expensive. But hey, it's Valentine's day, expenses don't count today right? I have to say it was quite satisfying. It's been a while since I cooked at home. My kitchen is sizable, but unfortunately it just doesn't offer the counter space nor the tools that I need for proper "western" cooking. Like an oven. But I make do. Ovens in Taiwan are rare and reserved for the very wealthy. But, I can only image the stuff I could make with an oven. Like cookies, lasagna, DIY pizza, pie...Taco night turned out to be a success. Abiet no where near authentic, but delicious none the less. However, outside of my kitchen I'm still in search for a decent fresh-mex burrito in Taipei. Here's to taco nights and fresh-mex!

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