Friday, February 25, 2011


Last day of class. All we did was eat snacks and watch a movie called "Secret", which is a pretty good movie about a student that falls in love with a girl student. But they can't be together because of a secret that she cannot reveal to him. There's some fictional magic in there, so it makes it that much more dramatic. I can't describe it any more or it'll reveal the ending. But definitely watch this movie with a significant other. It's a great romance movie. Don't get me wrong, I love action and adventure movies too, but it's hard to accept Taiwan culture without also accepting their romance movies. This is probably a good time to also say that I'm dating someone here in Taipei. She's Japanese and if you've been following my blog, her name is Yuki. My family knows, my classmates know and so now the rest of the world now knows. Surprise! Haha, Anyways...after class, I had a dinner party with my good friend from Germany, Hanya. She's so friendly and full of life. She's such a great friend to have around and she has to return back to Germany. Taiwan and I will miss her. You really get to meet so many colorful personalities from around world here at Shida, and IT IS SO AWESOME! But the hardest part is really saying Bye to them, as not all can stay forever. See you later Hanya, contact me when you return or if I visit Germany :)


  1. Ooooo so the secret is out! har har...

    I want to watch the movie just for Jay Chou, but it's not on netflix ; ;!

  2. Congrat!!! Brian

    Just wondering, if you don't mind to tell of course. Is your new girlfriend also an American citizen?

    If not, a long term relationship is difficult to maintain after you guys finish studying at Taipei. LOL, hope my words are not too corny. It's just that an old man like myself (age 27) always think of long term for every new relationships.

    Sigh~~~ I miss my youth.


  3. She's not an american citizen, japanese. It'll be a long term relationship only under the circumstances that we return back to our country ;)

  4. I watched Secret last night and didn't really get the feeling of romance; maybe I'm cold-hearted or you're just a sap =p. In the end, did she recognize him?

  5. feeling of romance? thats the entire point of the movie. Yes, thats why they're standing together in the 1979 yearbook picture and she's smiling. Or thats what I think.