Friday, February 4, 2011

Peanut shaved "snow ice"

Nothing much today. But I did get a chance to visit my friend's favorite dessert place at the Shilin night market. It has peanut (huasheng,花生) shaved "snow ice" or xue bing (雪冰). They take a flavored milk and freeze it into a giant cube. Then they shave that cube into a bowl and add topping on it for dessert. What makes it really stand out from the normal shaved ice, is that it's made from milk. So the ice is not only flavored, but it has a smoother texture similar to frozen yogurt. I know of other places that serve this, but given that this place was crowded, I'm guessing other believe this place makes it the best. I've never seen this in the US, so this may be a Asia only thing. I wouldn't imagine it being too difficult to duplicate at home though. But for now, if your in Taiwan, you need to try this for desert. They have other flavors too, like green tea, milk, lychee, coffee, mango...

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