Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oola Mexican Grill (Gongguan)

Today, while browsing through the internet before class, I discovered a hidden mexican food place near Gongguan. So I decided to visit this place after class. It's hard to find. It was literally down a dark alley, behind other buildings and a large movie theater. But once I found it, it was brightly lit up with the name Oola Mexican Grill across the top. It's a two floor eatery. Tonight the top floor was busy with teenagers while the downstairs tables remained more quiet and comfortable. So I opted to stay on ground floor. I ordered a burrito barbacao and my partner in crime ordered a chicken burrito. Prices range from $170-200 a person + $50 for drinks & chips. Hands down the best burrito i've had so far in Taipei. And I'm kinda glad I found another place for my south of the border cravings. My two other options either closed down (Taco Bar) or a little on the expensive side (Aunt Nitti's). Only three vital things were missing; refried beans or black beans in my burrito, it was not mexican rice (jasmine doesn't cut it), and no Cholula hot sauce. OK one more, no Lengua (beef tongue). Lengua is the bomb! But I have to give it to them, mexican food doesn't seem to have a strong demand in Taipei and their salsa was very good! And to all you authentic Mexican foodies out there, I know burritos are an American invention. But when I say Mexican, I mean California-Mexican (Fresh-mex). Oola also has a build your own burrito/taco too. All in all, an excellent restaurant and it's bumped to the top of my list for Mexican food in Taipei. Oh one last thing, students get a 10% discount so bring your ID's!!!

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