Saturday, February 12, 2011

PinXi Lantern Festival

Today, I was given the opportunity to join other MTC classmates to Pingxi for the lantern festival. Pinxi seems to be situated in a small valley on the edge of the Taipei basin. This small town, once a year, gets overtaken by crowds of people floating off lanterns. Your supposed to write your future wishes and hopes on the lattern and set it off into the sky. Our school was generous enough to give us a free bus ride to the PingXi festival and also give us a lattern to set off. It's in the middle of a high school courtyard. There was a famous taiwanese singer there and dancing and performances by many musicians. Regular visitors are not allowed to go into the middle of the field, but our school reserved us a spot to go in as a group to set off the sky lanterns. Such a unique experience! If your currently enrolled in a university in Taipei, you should really find out what your school offers, they can really get you into a lot of festivities that would be otherwise hard to get into or expensive. Here's to student discounts and generous universities!

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