Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lehua night market

Tonight I visited Lehua night market because I got a tip that they had some cheap jeans there. I went there kind of late on weekday evening. So it was pretty empty, not crowded at all. Still, most of the shops and food stands were open. The streets are very wide and I suspect this allows the crowds to move around with a better flow during rush time. But I was content with just browsing around and killing time. The tip was good. I did find a few shops that sold some extremely cheap jeans, like around $400 NT. Ridiculous! That's $12 USD! OK, I don't need jeans THAT cheap. The $400 pairs were not that nice either. But they do have JD, which is a brand I have purchased before. They're not bad. I paid $1500 at Shilin and they were $980 here in Lehua. So this definitely warrants a revisit when I'm in the mood to buy another pair of jeans.

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