Sunday, January 30, 2011

Minimal Cafe and Shaorou Sukiyaki

Today I took it easy and went decided to visit the "cat cafe" that my friend Yuki has been so highly recommending. But first things first, I had to pick up the Leica. It's back from repairs and TLC and ready for shooting! We'll get back to that once my first roll is exposed and after I finish my previous roll of 120 through the Rollei. This cat cafe is called Minimal Cafe in the Shida night market. It's at No. 42號, Lane 2, TàiShùn Street, Da-an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106. Lets put it simple. Cafe + 30 lovable well mannered cats + Coffee. It's just so ...CUTE in there.After my quick sammich (sandwich) and a coffee, we went around searching for cats to pet. They're laying around all over the place. Some black, some white, some mixed. Mostly sleeping or walking around. Some on the counters, some on the chairs, some on the tables and some even in the ceiling lights. Yes, they have "Ceiling Cat" there! A celebrity. The cats there are so friendly and maybe a bit sleepy. Maybe we visiting at the wrong time. But while petting some, one black cat jumped up on my nap and started to sleep there.I loved it, and they're so used to humans you can even play with their little kitty paws. All was well, except that I had to make a dinner reservation with my relatives. But I didn't want to disturb the cat napping on my lap. So i waited a good half hour before he woke up, stretched, yawned and took his leisurely time departing from my lap. :) Ahhh the life of a kitty. Enjoy the numerous pictures. Yuki and I couldn't stop taking pictures! Back to my busy life. I met up with Yoh-Yi and her two sons and only daughter to eat dinner at Shaorou Sukiyaki. It's all you can eat. Yummm! Now I know why teenagers line up for this place all the time and you need a weeks advanced reservation to get in. The service and meat was spectacular. Mind you, you have to cook it yourself sukiyaki style, so you must know how to cook good meat. Overcooking it will make it taste bad. They have several different cuts of beef, pork and lamb. Some with more fat, some more lean. They even have sliced cow tongue. All imported from Australia (Taiwanese prefer Australian over American meat). Ohhh, and the dessert! Out of this world! They have a server come by with a japanese white charcoal grill (binchotan). Then he grills some mochi (Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice). It puffs up, then he cut it open like a pouch and fills it with your favorite flavor of ice cream from the Haagen-dazs freezer. Or if you prefer, he'll roll it in peanut powder. Either way you choose, it is absolutely delicious! Come starving, leave fat! I highly recommend this place. Sooooooooooooooo stuffed! Somebody come and roll me home. Additional pictures can be viewed here.


  1. That is sooooo cute~~~

    I want it pan fried. =D

    ~ Javier

  2. OMG the mochi looks so good! Love the cat cafe...gotta take me there when I'm there...someday.

  3. Interesting! I admit to be more of a cat-lover than a dog-lover. They're low maintenance and don't really need to be walked as long as you give them enough to climb and jump. If you bring them out, a cat carrier is a must.