Monday, January 3, 2011

New leather jacket

I finally bought a leather jacket after looking for several months. Of course I saw a few I liked, but not for a student budget. I finally purchased one off a street vender at the Shilin night market. I scouted it out on 1/1, but wanted to think about it over the weekend in Hsingchu. I also wanted to see if the Hsingchu markets had anything to offer. Anyways, short and simple entry, I'm happy and warm now, finally!
Random photo from yesterday that I couldn't fit in. It's Jia Jiang Mien (炸醬麵). Well probably not that authentic because it wasn't very thick and dark. But it was still delicious! Enjoy the photo.


  1. Wow a leather jacket can keep you warm? Any pics?

    (Btw my Reader is picking up your blog updates sporadically :(, just got notice of this post today!)

  2. sure i can take some pics. The jacket doesn't have a liner, but I'm pretty resilient to cold weather.

  3. It's like Jia Jiang Mien with udon noodles! More sauce and it'd be perfect!