Friday, January 28, 2011

TianMu flea market

Tonight I took a long walk over to the TianMu flea market (天母跳蚤, Tiānmǔ tiàozǎo) to see what it was about. My friend in the states talked about it as well as a few of my relatives. It ended up just being exactly what the name is, a flea market. So basically a lot of people setting up blankets and having a lawn sale of stuff they don't need anymore. For the most part, it isn't anything I'm interested in. I did see a "vender" selling clothes, but mostly just household items and trinkets. I wouldn't visit this again, unless i'm looking for such things. It was certainly busy though. So I guess i'm not that "local" yet. If it has one redeeming point, it had a live band. :) 'Till next time!

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