Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Private dining at Din Tai Fong

After class I went walking around behind the school for dinner with a classmate. We just happened to walk to Din Tai Fong at the end of the night market road. Being that this was the original location, there's usually a line at all times, week day or weekend, lunch or dinner. So checking to see if there were any lines for the hell of it, I was extremely surprised to see it was minimal. This is the first time I did not have to wait in line for Din Tai Fong EVER.So we quickly shuffled in through the kitchen and up to the 4th floor. Where another surprise, empty. The first 3 floors were packed though. So throughout our dinner, there was nobody to disturb us. Just one waitress and some peace and quiet with my xiao long bao. Of course, nearing the end of our meal a large group of japanese tourists decided to join us. But for the most part, you could say "private" dining. Din Tai Fong @ original location + Private Dining = WIN!

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  1. OOO... I'm insanely jealous that you got to eat again at the original Ding Tai Fong! Man, I'm so hungry right now... I'm doing a 3-day organic juice cleanse and I'm starved for solid food right now. All your foodie pics are not helping! Booo...