Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hotpot 123 (closed)

Tonight I went with my friend, Yukiyo, to try out a new hot pot place. It's in the Shida night market and called 123. Simple enough, heh. My aunt told me about it after she read a good review about it in the chinese news paper. It is indeed good. The flavors were bursting and the price was right. $150NT for the hot pot + the meat and vegetables are separate when served, so it's fresh and not pre-boiled like most of the $99NT hot pot places. It also comes with a free refillable drink. The place is clean and nice. You can also add more ingredients for an extra cost. So it's kind of like a customized personal hot pot. I had the mongolian Ma-La flavor. What can I say, I like my spices! Here's the address, No. 6號, Lane 105, ShīDà Road, Da-an District.

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