Monday, January 17, 2011

Toasteria & Salt Peanut

Tonight I met up with another language partner. A new one. Cant have enough right? More opportunities to practice. We ate at Toasteria. This is my second visit, but my first time eating here. Last time I just drank some sangria with my other language partner. Now I know why it's called Toasteria. Most of their dishes are Paninis. Did I spell that right? Pretty good, but kind of expensive for the portion size and simplicity of the food. I guess you pay for the atmosphere and the hype. Next we continued our conversation at Salt Peanut. It's supposed to be a coffee/beer cafe, much like Bastille. But it's smaller and has a different atmosphere. While Bastille cafe has a european art/pub style, Salt Peanut is more British urban back-alley style with some graphitti. As a pleasant surprise, I found a Banksy: Wall and Piece book on their bookshelf and looked through that. I love most of his art work, it's so creative. He really stands out with his creativeness over other graphitti artists that I know. We have Ramp and Stewy here in Taipei. But all they do is write their name over and over. Boring!!!But there is CityMark. Not sure if they're a city sanctioned graphitti artist or if that's actually their name. But it's pretty good. You can see most of their stuff at Ximen skate park aka Theatre Park. Anyways, back to Banksy. His stuff is so profound and unique, he's gone international and has three books out and a movie called "Exit Through the Gift Shop". Anywho, It turned out to be a fine evening, but I had to end it around 9pm and get back home to study for tomorrow's quiz. Snore.

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  1. Ed's brother does graffiti occasionally... you should talk to him more about that next time we all see each other. I think he wanted to film and photograph one of his brother's sessions in the future.