Friday, January 14, 2011

Fish balls and The Pipe, hahaha...

My friend, Yuki, found a place in Gongguan that serves fish soup balls. Yeah, bad name. I'm not sure what the chinese name is. I'm a bad blogger. But at least I took pictures. Afterwards she introduced me to a hidden place under a big bridge near Gongguan called The Pipe. It's a quiet secluded place with a long wooden deck to lounge on. There's public toilets nearby and a restaurant with a live band. The place was empty. I thought it was the rain, but she says even on a good day there is usually no one there. It offers a nice view of a beautifully lit up bridge, the river below it and the contours of the city's high rises as a backdrop.I also discovered a Carrefour and a photo store near the Zhisan MRT station. Carrefour is a french costco type place. Good for future shopping. The photo store on the other hand, poor. Only digital camera stuff and not anything of much use for the hardcore shooter. Definitly not analog friendly. On a positive note, it is employed by cute taiwanese girls. But then it is packed with horny middle-aged male photo geeks ogling them. hahaha

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