Friday, January 28, 2011

Allen & Dickson Diner

Today a classmate of mine recommended a burger place in the Shida market. Allen & Dickson Diner. It's a small place out in the back of one of the alleys. The interior is decorated with old american tin advertisements from the 50's to the 70's. There's also a big surfboard mounted to the wall as well as other trinkets, giving off a coastal vibe. I tried one of their burgers, the house special burger.Oooh! This is the best burger i've had since leaving California. It's better than Evan's burger by far. It still has room for improvement, but it's still pretty delicious. The patty is still not hand-packed, but it's definitely equal to the american size. The lettuce is the big negative. It looks like they just cut a chunk out and threw it in, instead of picking out the flat leaves that would make the burger more "level". The fries are above average. Thick and golden. But it's missing a little of the saltness and crispiness i'm looking for. Still, for being so convenient to me across from my MTC campus, it's a great find. Prices range into the $300 NT with a drink. I've been told of other burger joints nearby though. ie, The Diner, KGB burger, JB burger, 1885 this place will definitely try to hold it's own against those restaurants. We'll see as the battle for superior burger be continued.

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