Sunday, January 9, 2011


Today I went to my friend's business presentation to support them. It's similar to network marketing. Obviously I'm still not participating in this, business wise, but they're good friends and I want to support them in any way. And of course they're fun to be around. :) She coordinated a dance routine for the intro and outro. It was well choreographed and entertaining. In between was 4 hours of speeches in chinese. Let me tell you, it was difficult to follow! Not only was it extremely cold (I think i was sitting under the A/C vent), but they spoke very fast and I cannot understand a lot of their more advanced words. But it's good practice none the less. Afterwards we all headed to Saizeriya for a "taiwanese" italian dinner. I should specify more like Italian fast food. It's pretty tasty, and cheap and you get unlimited drinks. So the cost outweighs the quality :). I'll definitely go back if I need a quick fix of affordable Italian food.

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