Sunday, January 23, 2011

Globe of warmth

I finally bought a $1700 NT Infrared Parabolic heater, so I can stay toasty on those cold nights. I tried finding the US branded one that I like so much in the states, but Costco here did not have it. Costco was my last hope. So I went to Carrefour and bought a taiwanese made one. I hope it doesn't break and set me and the house on fire. Did I mention that Costco is extremely busy. There was a line outside of people waiting to go in. Crazy! But I guess they're the only discount place with american products at discount. Afterwards I went with my aunt to a vegetarian all you can eat. The food was pretty good. I don't miss the meat. The desserts were the awesome part though. Vegetarian or meat lover, desserts is something they share in similarity. I can always count on bringing my sweet tooth!

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