Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Better luck on roll two?

Today I dropped my second roll of 120mm shot from the Rollei off to the photography district Konica print center. These were taken on a Kodak Tmax ISO 400. Hope they turn up with a little more grain for that antique effect. However doing some research tonight, it seems that I should really try out some Ilford Delta 3200 Pro. Quality grain, good contrast and push processing to 3200. Unfortunetly, I'll have to import this, no way to find this in Taiwan. This shot is from the second roll. I took it in the rain with an umbrella so the camera doesnt get wet. I wanted to get a sense of seclusion and warmth with a group of guys enjoying some soup on a cold, windy and rainy night. Also I found a nice Italian restaurant near Shida on section 2, JinShan South Rd.It's called Pasta My House I believe. It's on the bottom floor of a building. It's small and quaint with a small menu of 5-6 items. It's cheap and really feels like i'm in someone's home. Even the front door is just a sliding glass door like in a house. The pasta was well made and they offer unlimited hot and cold tea. I really like this place, it really hits the spot. It feels so home cooked :)

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